.yml files are an anti-pattern

A lot of people are representing data as YAML these days. That’s good! It’s an improvement over the days when everything seemed to be represented as XML, anyway.

But one thing about the YAML format is that it doesn’t require you to embed any information in the file about how the data should be interpreted. So now we have projects where there are hundreds of different .yml files committed to Git and I have no idea what any of them are for.

YAML is popular because it’s minimal and convenient, so I don’t think that requiring that everyone suddenly creates an ontology for the data in these .yml files would be practical. But I would really like to see a convention that the first line of any .yml file was a comment describing what the file did, e.g.

# This is a BOSH deployment manifest, see http://bosh.io/ for more information

That’s all!

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