Pro-UKIP / anti-Green bias in the Manchester Evening News website

Screenshot of from 2015-05-09 19:45

What’s missing in this picture?

I sent a little complaint about this to the MEN (

I noticed that you have a graphic on the front page (in fact, every page) of relating to election results at the moment. I’m confused why you decided to include UKIP in this graphic (who have 1 MP) but not the Green party (who also have 1 MP). In my ward (Gorton) the Green candidate actually came second, higher than the UKIP candidate, so they are clearly relevant to people of Manchester and should be included anywhere that UKIP is included.

It could be an accident of course, or some “totally fair” algorithm just happened to select those 6 parties to include, but bias is bias whether deliberate or not!

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