L’été du code, première semaine

Hello! I haven’t posted here so far (although I think a couple of really old blog posts of mine appeared a while ago for some reason) .. so I thought I would write a note about my plans for this summer.

GSettings & GTK
I took on the task this summer of closing bug 494329, and in the process helping Ryan to make gsettings rock extra hard. You can track my progress if this sort of thing interests you in gitorious: http://gitorious.org/gsettings-gtk/. This includes hopefully adding GLADE support for gsettings bindings and converting some existing applications, so that the API is actually useful in real-world situations. I’m really excited that I will be saving people hours of future time adding new preferences and setting keys, which for simple situations should be as simple as adding the control widget to the dialog, and writing a changed hander for the settings key it’s bound to. This I think makes up for the fact that I can’t show what I’m doing to my girlfriend and make her say “wow that is cool”

jhbuild on windows
I’ve been using jhbuild for a while to manage building dependencies on Win32. Recently I decided to not leave all of my alterations bitrotting in Launchpad but to merge what I can with the master repo, and maintain the rest in a Gitorious branch or some such. When I say “my alterations” I am talking about mostly things I didn’t do of course, I just added some cruft on top of all the stuff John Stowers did. Anyway, it’s at the point where with git HEAD and this ugly patch the infrastructure basically works. Only two unit tests fail (or only one in the right build environment). In the next few days I’ll push (seperately) some other niceties like a seperate bootstrap moduleset for msys, the infamous binary moduletype, and a hack to make it possible to use MSYS-git. These will go into a seperate branch.

So if you’re interested in building GTK+ really, really slowly on a substandard OS this work should be of interest to you. I haven’t had many comments about this stuff so far, perhaps because it’s a very painful thing to try to do and you have to be a little bit crazy .. I don’t know where all this work will end up, I really just want an easy way to build new gstreamer releases for mingw and compile my gtk+ branch, but on win32 there’s a lot more for jhbuild to do because the rest of the infrastructure is so bad.

Sorting my life out
Recent days have not seen much productivity because here in England, the clouds seem have gone on holiday for a couple of weeks! Back to work though and I have various things to sort out such as the university revoking my libary card even though I have another year of study left, tax forms for the GSoC money and other time sinks ..

6 thoughts on “L’été du code, première semaine

  1. cheat sheet
    it should be “l’été du code, première semaine”. Don’t tell them I told you 😉

      1. Re: cheat sheet
        Euh, no. A few hours ago it was written wrong (I’m not the same anonymous poster as the first, btw).

  2. Win32
    Keep chipping away at the windows stuff… anything to make life better for gtk windows, and bring more of my favourite apps here is good 🙂
    Honestly if it becomes dead easy to build it on windows thats half the battle.
    Stu [stuartaxon.com]

  3. Good Work
    Hi Sam,
    Good to see I could be of some help to you. Well done on keeping the momentum to see this thing through to the end!
    John Stowers

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