Status update, November 2021

I am impressed with the well-deserved rise of Sourcehut, a minimalist and open source alternative to Github and Gitlab. I like their unbiased performance comparison with other JavaScript-heavy Git forges. I am impressed by their substantial contributions to Free Software. And I like that the main developers, Drew DeVault and Simon Ser, both post monthly status update blog posts on their respective blogs.

I miss blog posts.

So I am unashamedly copying the format. I am mostly not paid to work on Free Software but sometimes I am so the length of the report will vary wildly.

This month I got a little more Codethink time to work on (shout out Javier Jardón for getting me that time). Status report here.


I spoke at the first ever PackagingCon to spread the good word about Freedesktop SDK and BuildStream.

As always, I did a little review and issue triage for Tracker and Tracker Miners.

And I have been spending time working on an audio effect. More about that in another post.

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