Search Joplin notes from GNOME Shell

One of my favourite discoveries of 2020 is Joplin, an open, comprehensive notebook app. I’m slowly consolidating various developer journals, Zettelkasten inspired notes, blog drafts, Pinboard bookmarks and abstract doodles into Joplin notebooks.

Now it’s there I want to search it from the GNOME Shell overview, and that’s pretty fun to implement.

It’s available from here and needs to be installed manually with Meson. Perhaps one day this can ship with Joplin itself, but there are few issues to overcome first:

  • It’s not yet possible to open a specific note in Joplin. I suggested adding a commandline option and discovered they plan to add x-callback-url support, which will be great once there’s a design for how it should work.
  • The search provider also appears as an application in the Shell. I think a change in GNOME Shell is needed before we can hide this.

Here’s to the end of 2020. If you’re bored, here’s a compilation of unusual TV news events from the year, including (my favourite) #9, a guy playing piano to monkeys.

3 thoughts on “Search Joplin notes from GNOME Shell

  1. Fantastic 🙂

    If you are writing any more search providers, a Discord search provider could be useful.

    There is one for gnote that looked useful but is dead …. maybe I should switch to Joplin there though.

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