Twitter without Infinite Scroll

I like reading stuff on because a lot of interesting people write things there which they don’t write anywhere else.

But Twitter is designed to be addictive, and a key mechanism they use is the “infinite scroll” design. Infinite scroll has been called the Web’s slot machine because of the way it exploits our minds to make us keep reading. It’s an unethical design.

In an essay entitled “If the internet is addictive, why don’t we regulate it?”, the writer Michael Schulson says:

… infinite scroll has no clear benefit for users. It exists almost entirely to circumvent self-control.

Hopefully Twitter will one day consider the ethics of their design. Until then, I made a Firefox extension to remove the infinite scroll feature and replace it with a ‘Load older tweets’ link at the bottom of the page, like this:


The Firefox extension is called Twitter Without Infinite Scroll. It works by injecting some JavaScript code into the Twitter website which disconnects the ‘uiNearTheBottom’ event that would otherwise automatically fetch new data.

Quoting Michael Shulson’s article again:

Giving users a chance to pause and make a choice at the end of each discrete page or session tips the balance of power back in the individual’s direction.

So, if you are a Twitter user, enjoy your new-found power!

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7 Responses to Twitter without Infinite Scroll

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  3. Aurélien says:

    Thank you for this extension! It is already saving me from wasting too much time when I just want to take a short break…

  4. Marc says:

    Twitter without Infinite Scroll will NOT install from Firefox:
    Error: Download failed.
    Please Fix. Thanks !!

  5. Marc says:

    This might be related to the install failure.
    Mozilla: Firefox bug prevents existing and new add-ons from running or being installed

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