My first Ansible modules

This week I had my first go at writing modules for Ansible. I’ve been a fan of Ansible for a while now, I find it really practical and I think the developers made some very sensible compromises when making it. Writing a module for it has been almost painless, which is a very rare thing in the programming world. The only real surprise was that it was so easy.
What I have written is some Ansible modules to adminstrate a Gerrit instance. It seems that while there are a few Ansible roles online already for deploying a Gerrit instance, there are none that automate the step after deployment, when you need to configure your groups, projects, and special accounts.

I owe several beers to the developers of the Gerrit REST API which is powerful enough to do everything I needed to do, and has complete and accurate documentation, as well as to the developers of Ansible. The repo so far contains less than 800 lines of code, but is hopefully complete enough to let me define the initial configuration of the Baserock Gerrit instance with just a few files in a Git repo.