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Tracker developer experience improvements

There have been lots of blog posts since I suggested we write more blog posts. Great! I’m going to write about what I’ve done this month. I’m excited that work started on Tracker 3.0, after we talked about it at … Continue reading

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Blog about what you do!

Am I the first to blog from GUADEC 2019? It has been a great conference: huge respect to the organization team for volunteering significant time and energy to make it all run smoothly. The most interesting thing at GUADEC is … Continue reading

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Twitter without Infinite Scroll

I like reading stuff on because a lot of interesting people write things there which they don’t write anywhere else. But Twitter is designed to be addictive, and a key mechanism they use is the “infinite scroll” design. Infinite … Continue reading

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Tools I like for creating web apps

I used to dislike creating websites. CSS confused me and JavaScript annoyed me. In the last year I’ve grown to like web development again! The developer tools available in the web browsers of 2019 are incredible to work with. The … Continue reading

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The Lesson Planalyzer

I’ve now been working as a teacher for 8 months. There are a lot of things I like about the job. One thing I like is that every day brings a new deadline. That sounds bad right? It’s not: one … Continue reading

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Inspire me, Nautilus!

When I have some free time I like to be creative but sometimes I need a push of inspiration to take me in the right direction. Interior designers and people who are about to get married like to create inspiration … Continue reading

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Paying money for things

Sometimes it’s hard to make money from software. How do you make money from something that can be copied infinitely? Right now there are 3 software tools that I pay for. Each one is supplied by a small company, and … Continue reading

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