Revittelise your day.

Last night I watched the movie “Pirates Of The Carribean 2” which I thought was a really good film ! I expected it to not be good and certainly not be as good as the first one but it actually turned out good. My favourite part is where the guy with a squid for a face is playing the organ. I really think if I was making a film with a guy who a had a squid for a face I’d have him do the exact same thing. My only complaint is the plot is too complicated for someone who chooses which movies to go see basically by how many pirates there are in them.

Other things I have done recently: work, drink


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Here is a domain that expires tomorrow !!

Here is a conversation I had with the linux console. Try it for yourself!

sam@laura:~$ echo !
sam@laura:~$ echo !
sam@laura:~$ echo !!
echo echo !
echo !
sam@laura:~$ echo echo !!
echo echo echo echo !
echo echo echo !
sam@laura:~$ echo echo echo ! echo !
echo echo ! echo !
sam@laura:~$ echo echo echo ! echo !!
echo echo echo ! echo echo echo echo ! echo !
echo echo ! echo echo echo echo ! echo !
sam@laura:~$ echo echo echo ! echo echo echo echo ! echo !
echo echo ! echo echo echo echo ! echo !

The facts of life

Out of interest I looked up my “new” MP on the internet. I compared her voting record with that of the MP for Shropshire. I think it says something (I don’t know what) that even though she is a labour MP and he is conservative, his voting record is actually slightly more agreeable than hers.

Its also funny that charles kennedy shows up to just under half of all votes in parliament.

declare I will make tea for Jon and do all his work, and take none of the credit.
I will get paid £490 per hour, and I will never ask for more.
This contract is 600 months long.

It is lists o’clock

1. My computer
2. My phone (but buying a new one so really it’s not fixed)
3. My course (that’s a lie i still do physics at the moment)

1. My room
2. That guy in gladiator that becomes caesar. He’s such an ass.

1. Play pro evo 5. What is with that game its not even like real football.
3. Listen to coldplay
2. Dancing to the ska music at snobs (only this is the other way round I am the only one that likes it)
3. Leave lights on all the fucking time. Seriously if you’re not in the room why do you need the lights on! People in my flat will lock their doors and go out and still they have left their lights on! So when I go out after I turn off all the lights at the fuse box. It is my little surprise for them.
4. Do pirate impressions loud at 2 AM (actually everyone likes this! apart from the girls next door to us weren’t impressed. I don’t think. They might have been in bed)

Two reasons I am angry

1) My computer does not work any more.
2) I hate studying physics and I am totally not spending three years of my life learning about this shit. I sit in my lectures staring at the professor zombie-like and he stares at me because I’m not making any notes and sometimes am asleep. It’s pretty funny actually.

The bat is in the belfry

Dear Jason! Or JON! I can’t remember my password. I don’t know if I ever even had one because I have searched my chat logs etc. In conclusion I would like a new one please. As a token of thanks I will upload this really long shell script that I wrote for everyone to look at. It is really really long.

PS. the new design is very nice!
PPS. my email is: ssssam at

Today is a day of SUCCESS

As I am going to be living in a student flat in like 10 days, I figured it was time I tried to make a roast dinner. Anyway, it turns out I am awesome and can make corn on the cob, potatoes, stuffing and a chicken (and a beer) into some kind of meal of the gods.

I also went to ye olde outlet stores and bought like £150 worth of clothes and shit today because I never buy any clothes ever, and its funny to make up for not doing enough of something by suddenly doing far too much!

I hope the government doesn’t introduce a flat tax because they sure would be a bunch of dicks if they did that! I sure am too dumb to understand a sliding scale!

On a happier note, is unregistered and I think it should become an internet site. of UNTRUTHS

ARTIFICIAL LIFE (in the market place)

to Mr. Internet Teacher: thank you for pointing out how irritating the constant “debate” over A-levels is getting. i am still amazed by the complete blindness of the journalists who say A levels are becoming easier. keep in mind that a student’s progress is assessed at frequently intervals starting just a few months into the course. it would take an almost religious level of ignorance to not notice that they are going to fail the course. if their destination is failure, why would they continue the course?? Of course only 3% of people fail their A levels; it is because nobody is fucking dumb enough to study for two years a subject that they have no hope of mastering! why would anyone do that!

ps. I would like to thank ucas for sending a conformation of my place this morning so I knew I had done well enough in my exams before I had even eaten breakfast! I later found out I got an A in maths and B’s in physics and music. This means I am going to birmingham! Go team sam!

Dumb things I have done recently #1

1) broke my phone
2) left the phone i was borrowing from someone else in college. i got it back through
3) left my euphonium on my train
4) when i try to write ‘euphonium’ on this phone it comes out as ‘fusiongun’. I wish i owned a fusiongun.

[note: when i say my train, the train is not actually mine]

Dumb things I have done so far today #3

Today I planned to spend some time in the gym. I organised the day carefully so I had a good 60 minutes free to do this. I met up with a friend and, after remembering he left his stuff in his locker and I needed a new card, got as far as the changing rooms. I was halfway through changing when I noticed I did not in fact bring any shorts. I realised this rendered me essentially unable to employ the facilities of the gym and so I left for the shops in the hope of procuring some shorts.

Determined not to buy cheap low-quality shorts, I visited a number of stores but to no avail. Eventually as time was running out before my next lesson I purchased some expensive shit shorts from like next or some shit. Anyway during tide I returned to the gym and this time was able to exercise sufficiently.

However the story does not end there! I removed the bag of gym clothes from my locker at the end of the college day and made my way to the train station. Upon boarding the train I sat at a table (with some girls it turns out) and proceeded to stow the bag under said table. Twenty minutes later I alighted the train sans clothes. I was very annoyed!! Luckily I know how to use a phone and read so I called the arriva lost property line and they gave me the phone number of Chester station, a guy at chester is going to put my bag on the train tomorrow which i will be on.


Today I was proceeding with my friend Robyn towards the bus station in Shrewsbury. Having bought an expensive and top secret birthday present for one of our friends, we took it upon ourselves to make loud chicken noises. This caused a girl walking slighty ahead of us to turn round and give a look of nervous bewilderment. I attempted to defuse the situation by shouting loudly “IT’S NOTHING PERSONAL” but this seemed to have no positive effect. I have added another number to my list of people that hate me.


I worked til midnight on valentine’s day largely because I suck. It turned out to be worth it though because something funny happened!! A tramp comes in to buy some tea for 80p and stand around talking to the manager about bank holidays for like two hours or some shit. In the meantime I went over the road to get some food (people who own subway eat at kfc, it makes no sense). Outside, I saw the tramp had carefully parked his shopping trolly full of random shit in one of car parking bays. Looking back I guess you had to be there for it to be funny