Status update, 18/04/2023

It’s been a long month, thankfully with a nice holiday in the middle. I am divided between lots of things at work which is not helpful for being able to focus on any interesting thing.

The development of large language models is everywhere at the moment, I shared some thoughts on those on the Lines forum. I won’t go in depth here as we’re going to be discussing these things for the next 15 years anyway. Stay safe out there in the dark forest.

I’ve had a little time to poke at GNOME’s OpenQA tests. I made a simple helper tool named ssam_openqa which simplifies the task of running the OpenQA tests locally on your laptop. My current goal is to figure out how to split up the test suite into multiple pieces, as the current cycle time when developing tests is around 5 minutes which is too slow to be fun. And it has to be fun so you will want to contribute 🙂

Here’s some new music!

Also available on Bandcamp.

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