Status update 17/03/2023

Hello from my parents place, sitting on the border of Wales & England, listening to this excellent Victor Rice album, thinking of this time last year when I actually got to watch him play at Freedom Sounds Festival, which was one of my first adventures of the post-lockdown 2020s.

I have many distractions at the moment, many being work/life admin but here are some of the more interesting ones:

  • Playing in a new band in Santiago – Killo Karallo – recording some initial music which is to come out next week
  • Preparing new Vladimir Chicken music, also cooked and ready for release in April
  • Figuring out how we can grow the GNOME OpenQA tests while keeping them fun to work with. Here’s an experimental commandline tool which might help with that.
  • Learning about marketing, analytics, and search engine optimization.
  • Trying out the new LLaMA language model and generally trying to keep up with the ongoing revolution in content generation technology.

Also I got to see real snow for the first time in a few years! Thanks Buxton!

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