Status update, 16/01/2023

The tech world is busy building “AI apps” with wild claims of solving all problems. Meanwhile it’s still basically an unsolved problem to get images and text to line up nicely when making presentation slides.

I’m giving a couple of talks at FOSDEM in February so i’ve been preparing slides. I previously used Reveal.js, which has some nice layout options (like r-stretch and r-fit-text), but pretty basic Markdown support such that I ended up writing the slides in raw HTML.

A colleague turned me onto Remark.js, a simpler tool with better Markdown support and a CLI tool (Backslide), but its layout support is less developed than Reveal.js so I ended frustrated at the work necessary to lay things out neatly.

In the end, I’ve built my own tiny tool based around python-markdown and its attr_list extension, to compile Markdown to Reveal.js HTML in a way that attempts to not be hopelessly annoying. It’s a work in progress, but hopefully I can work towards becoming less frustrated while making slides. The code is here, take it if you like it and don’t ask me any questions πŸ™‚

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