Leaving the EU

I've never voted for Christmas before, but we all need to accept savage cuts.

In a few weeks the UK has a referendum over whether we should remain a member of the EU.

It’s completely impossible to make a fully informed decision on whether leaving the EU now would be ultimately beneficial, unless you can actually see ten years into the future.

I’ll be voting to remain, for a few reasons:

1. I’m proud to be from a part of Europe, and I like having the freedom to travel and work anywhere in Europe.

2. Most of the “Leave” campaign’s arguments boil down to xenophobia, fear-mongering and “economics“. Sure we’re in the midst of a global population crisis, but leaving the EU will hardly solve that.

3. The “Leave” campaign is fronted by various awful human beings who make me want to do the opposite of whatever they say (although, comically, the “Remain” campaign is fronted by someone who doesn’t like the EU at all — that’s the return on a Faustian bargain he made a decade ago so that he could become leader of the Conservative party & Prime Minister)

4. Taking power from the EU means giving more power to the Conservative party, the same delusional, incompetent, hypocritical arms-dealing racist election cheats who have been steadily running the country into the ground for the last 6 years; ruining education, welfare, healthcare, the police, the economy, the universities, and anything else they can get their hands on.

5. A restricted border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland would be a massive step backwards for people there.

6. If we did leave, there would be no going back.

Actually I don’t care much about what we end up voting for. I became fully disillusioned with British politics five years ago, when we were given the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to change from our hopelessly unfair voting system to one that’s slightly better. We voted 67% in favour of the most unfair voting system. There has been no UK government in my entire lifetime that I could be at all proud of. If there’s one thing you can count on, it’s the British public voting to shaft ourselves!

I would like to put on an international software conference in England next year. The upside of leaving the EU would be that presumably the Pound will be at about the lowest it could possibly be, so GUADEC would be quite cheap for everyone! The downside: maybe a lot more people would have to suffer Britain’s complex, offensive and arbitrary VISA application process.

We’ll have to wait and see what happens on 23rd June. I would be surprised if we vote to leave, because money tends to control politics and there would obviously be financial losses stemming from the uncertainty that would follow a “Leave” vote. On the other hand, the world-class bastards who run our lying, scheming, racist, hate-filled newspapers are mostly anti EU. Never underestimate the power of the British public to completely ruin things for ourselves.

The only good thing that can really come out of this referendum is a climax of infighting in the Conservative government, so grab some popcorn for that.

Image at the top from http://henrypryor.com/blog/2012/10/the-idle-guide-to-making-money/

9 thoughts on “Leaving the EU

    1. It would be good if you could, as someone who now lives in Ireland, I think Scotland would do well in the EU as a sovereign state.
      Given the amount of renewable energy and Oil&Gas it has, it would be a bit bumpy at first, but I think it would be better off.

  1. Nice list you made full of personal attacks and disinformation. I won’t get into this further but a lot of the claims the pro camp make are borderline insane and actually gives a nice view into how contemporary propaganda works.

    You pro-EU guys need to face it that the EU has failed. The idea was right but the result is a monstrous dysfunctional behemoth that will trample its member states whenever it sees fit.
    Britain should consider itself lucky that it is actually feasible to leave this train wreck. Other states that were foolish enough to adopt the Euro are way further entangled in this technocratic hell. Claiming that Britain can’t leave due to disastrous economic results and that this would be permanent is complete bullocks. Every good thing the EU has provided in could have been achieved without it, be it maybe a bit differently and with more or less effort. Sure, in the short term this will increase the probability of instability, but in the long run it is very likely that an economically strong region like GB will be better off.
    The EU as it is now comes down to a get-rich-quick scheme. You need to be a member to get access to the favourable treaties which means you need to give up sovereignty and your national identity. These treaties do have their upsides, but mainly for multinationals, so in the end you’ll pay more than you’ll get out of it, at least the little guy does. Why does the EU mean that one cannot have the sweet without the sour?

    Like I said, the idea behind the EU is good, but it has resulted in an undemocratic mess and I do not see this improve until sovereign countries take back their sovereignty and demand either restructuring or independence without being bullied into oblivion.
    You can say what you want about conservative government but at least they do not give your power away to some faceless entity made up out of unelected and unaccountable people living thousands of miles away.

    1. The parliament is elected, the council is elected, the commission is appointed by elected governments. It’s a lot more representative than the UK government with its primitive first-past-the-post system, unelected house of lord and unelected foreign judges restricting the elected Scottish Government.

  2. [david attenborough voice] here we see the j.c. in its natural habitat, effortlessly demonstrating the kind of sophisticated discourse so typified by the leave campaign

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