One thought on “Tracker talk slides from GUADEC 2015

  1. Rob Taylor was onto something when he started experimenting with wizbit. Its definitely worth looking at again if looking at how one could approach implementing tracker going forward, it was just an experiment but definitely worth looking at.

    He was kind enough to upload the code and old site onto git some time ago for archival purposes.
    Might be a good idea to do spit out some use cases from developer and user point of view as well.

    I pointed it out in different places before but might as well mention it again. CoreObject seems like a good example of what tracker should strive for. It’s about as clear as you can get in terms of its goals and features. I think wizbit was going in a similar direction.
    Having a standardized persistent undo based on object graph on platform level would be incredibly useful for developers targeting gnome.

    Having the complexities of multi-user access to versioned-documents/applications dealt with on the platform level seems like a no brainier.

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