On joining the Green Party

A month or two ago I became a member of the UK’s Green Party. I’m not hugely into trying to influence politics, I mostly did it as a tiny counter response to the increase in UKIP media coverage and public support. Every UK government since I’ve been alive has made this country worse and has been made up largely of complete wankers, so I’m pretty cynical about politics in general and I’m suspicious of anyone who wants to exert control over the lives of others enough to do all the dog work required to run for parliament. But I thought that if I started to donate to the least worst party then I might feel a bit better.

Since then I’ve received lots of emails and now one paper mail with a copy of “Green World” magazine. I found that there was a bunch of stuff in there I agreed with. I was especially happy to discover Molly Scott Cato’s views on “economics”. (It’s worth noting that anyone who thinks that the Green Party’s policies are a bad idea because “the sums don’t add up” is a moron who doesn’t realise money is a completely made up concept and the banks create more of it every day.)

There’s quite an optimistic tone to the writing in said magazine, perhaps due to the enourmous surge in members the Green Party saw last year, but realistic at the same time. I liked Natalie Bennett’s comment that the only thing we can be sure of in the forthcoming UK election is that the First Past the Post voting system will be a big loser, as “First Past the Post ensures a strong majority government” is proved false for the second time.

In the end it’s mostly paranoid old people that decide who gets elected to the House of Commons, and Britain will no doubt go further to shit regardless of the exact makeup of the next coalition. MPs themselves know that they don’t actually have much power anyway. But it’s nice to know that there’s a group of people in politics who aren’t delusional morons. It got me thinking a bit about what might actually be possible if they did get to power and what I’d want from that. It’s good to have a goal, right?

Human greed won’t go away, but right now we fucking celebrate it, instead of celebrating those who try to help people and make life a bit more bearable. There’s no way to make life fair, or to cure death, or to save us from suffering and self-destruction. But I want to be able to talk about this stuff! Instead of bullshit like “growing the economy” and “maximising shareholder value” and “zero tolerance of failure”. So I wish luck to everyone who is chipping away at this bullshit, and I hope that my small contribution to the running of the Green Party is helpful.

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