On uWSGI and metaphors

Today I have spent some time trying to get Django, uWSGI and Cherokee to play nicely together. Ignoring the question of whether Django ever met or performed for any Cherokee people, I’ve found uWSGI to have possibly the creative set of commandline arguments I’ve ever seen. As well as including conditional logic and loops, I can configure jails, the gory details of harakiri, I can create an emperor who manages some vassals (who can optionally be a tyrant), and I can opt to add some mules or indeed start myself a mule farm. The positive-sounding –no-orphans option actually causes uWSGI to “automatically kill workers if master dies” (although it notes that this can be dangerous for availability). I should be careful as my workers can also form a legion.

All in all `uwsgi –help` produces 724 lines of output. I’m yet to actually get it working.

Edit: I got there in end. A couple of key realisations were that the commandline args map exactly to the configuration file format, and that the argument I wanted was provided by the Python plugin which needs to be explicitly installed and enabled. Sadly I’ve not yet had the cause to start myself a mule farm.

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