On Cheapness

Both of my IBM Thinkpad power adapters are now working only because of ample solder and insulating tape. I have a third, but that’s disintegrated altogether.

How, after over 100 years of development can we not manufacture power cables properly? You’d think especially the Thinkpad might come with adapters and cables which could last more than a few years.

6 thoughts on “On Cheapness

  1. I have had my thinkpad power adaptor for 6 years now, paint and stuff all over it. It works without a problem. What is it you do to yours that cause them to ‘disintegrate’?

  2. no problem here with thinkpad adapters, in 10+ years with 4 adapters, including 3 years of travel. I’m also curious how yours fail.

    1. well “disintegrate” is an overstatement, all that actually happened was it stopped supplying power to the laptop, I just like the word. As for the other two, one cable wore through to bare wire just before the laptop connector and started sparking a lot, but tape seems to have fixed it, and the other the cable sheared just before the mains plug that fits into the adaptor. This of course would have been no problem at all if the adaptor used a normal kettle lead, but instead I had to chop the plug off and solder it onto a new power lead.

  3. Most guys don’t say a word and purchase a new adapter for 90-so euros (sic) should their original one fail. I guess it’s profitable to IBM/Lenovo.

  4. Nokia adapters
    All my Thinkpad power adapters have been fine and lasted ages without showing any visible signs of wear. On the other hand, ALL of my Nokia tablet power adapters have broken. ALL of them. I’ve bought spares, and they broke too.
    They tend to fray either at the plug side, the connector side or both. I take very good care of my electronics (and I made an effort to take especially good care of these adapters after the first broke), it just seems to be an inherent weakness in the way they’re made and the materials they use.

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