Some more jhbuild on windows

  • Discovered something that was up with my jhbuild branch: zlib installed its import library with the wrong name, so libtool didn’t build DLL’s of its deps. This is now fixed in my git.
  • Finally bought a new laptop. I’ve had the same Thinkpad T20 for 3 years, and I imagine it’s been around for 3 or 4 years before I got hold of it. For a while, the trackpoint controller has been a bit crazy, the screen is unreliable and the case is cracked so I found an X40 on ebay this morning for £160. I was hoping to get something better suited to working outside (black isn’t the ideal colour for use in the sun, never mind the transmissive screen) but this doesn’t seem to be a priority of laptop makers, so my odds of getting something cheap in this line are low 🙂 I also worry about the 12″ screen for coding on, but I guess spare monitors aren’t too hard to find if I am stuck without a desktop for a while. I looked at some other makes, but it’s hard to justify buying anything other than a thinkpad – there’s so many niceties I would miss, and I worry that no other make has comparable build quality. Long live the thinkpad!

3 thoughts on “Some more jhbuild on windows

  1. x40 fans
    thinkspads are great, i swear by them even older ones, the x40 gets really hot though so you might need to install tpfan to get the fan going in a timely fashion. The keyboards are not terrible for the physical size either.

  2. I don’t really like Thinkpads aesthetically, but I have a Thinkpad x41 right now, and it’s very competent and productive. I was concerned that it might be underpowered relative to modern hardware, but since I don’t do any gaming (on a PC anyway), it’s been totally sufficient. It has 1.5GB of RAM, though. You can never have enough of that.
    I’m used to small screens on tablets, so 12″ isn’t that bad, but I am glad to have a 1600×1200 CRT plugged into it most of the time. xrandr works better than ever. I hope you enjoy your new acquisition.

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