Autohell, part 995

  • I’m putting in a little time today on my windows branch of jhbuild. Running git now works (using a .bat file to call MSYSgit in its own shell, it’s all messy but works fine once it’s set up).
  • I spent the past hour or so wondering why ACLOCAL_FLAGS was being ignored. I finally realised that it’s not actually honoured by aclocal at all and never has been. scripts tend to execute aclocal $ACLOCAL_FLAGS which make it work often enough that I assumed it was meant to.

    Now I wonder whether autoreconf would accept a patch to make it honour $ACLOCAL_FLAGS, or if I should patch Pixman’s to call autoreconf $ACLOCAL_FLAGS .. and any others that don’t ..

  • Highlights of Glastonbury were definitely Blur, and a more obscure band called Edward II who I last saw aged about 12.

    Best wishes for everyone in Gran Canaria!

2 thoughts on “Autohell, part 995

  1. aclocal
    Almost every autotooled package (and the autotools themselves) use just $ACLOCAL to encompass the program and any flags needed. I.e., I use ACLOCAL=”aclocal -I/opt/gfx/share/aclocal” when building a local X stack. is the only one I know of that uses $ACLOCAL_FLAGS.
    Not the best, but that’s the typical usage. You’d probably need to write a patch for autoreconf if you wanted to change that and have it be consistent at all.

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