Revittelise your day.

Last night I watched the movie “Pirates Of The Carribean 2” which I thought was a really good film ! I expected it to not be good and certainly not be as good as the first one but it actually turned out good. My favourite part is where the guy with a squid for a face is playing the organ. I really think if I was making a film with a guy who a had a squid for a face I’d have him do the exact same thing. My only complaint is the plot is too complicated for someone who chooses which movies to go see basically by how many pirates there are in them.

Other things I have done recently: work, drink

One thought on “Revittelise your day.

  1. oh dear, I feel with you.
    Just finished two years of physics honors classes.
    i can’t tell you how much i HATED it.
    actually so much that i wrote the rest of the sentence in lowercase to emphasize my HATE!!11!

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