The bat is in the belfry

Dear Jason! Or JON! I can’t remember my password. I don’t know if I ever even had one because I have searched my chat logs etc. In conclusion I would like a new one please. As a token of thanks I will upload this really long shell script that I wrote for everyone to look at. It is really really long.

PS. the new design is very nice!
PPS. my email is: ssssam at

About Sam Thursfield

Who's that kid in the back of the room? He's setting all his papers on fire! Where did he get that crazy smile? We all think he's really weird.
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1 Response to The bat is in the belfry

  1. trisjh says:

    tbh i dont really thing jason has that kind of power. hes just a pawn in a much larger game of “internet community” power.

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