Today is a day of SUCCESS

As I am going to be living in a student flat in like 10 days, I figured it was time I tried to make a roast dinner. Anyway, it turns out I am awesome and can make corn on the cob, potatoes, stuffing and a chicken (and a beer) into some kind of meal of the gods.

I also went to ye olde outlet stores and bought like £150 worth of clothes and shit today because I never buy any clothes ever, and its funny to make up for not doing enough of something by suddenly doing far too much!

I hope the government doesn’t introduce a flat tax because they sure would be a bunch of dicks if they did that! I sure am too dumb to understand a sliding scale!

On a happier note, is unregistered and I think it should become an internet site. of UNTRUTHS

2 thoughts on “Today is a day of SUCCESS

  1. Liejournal
    YES! I totally think it should be made so that people can journal what they WANTED their day to be like. For instance:
    “August 27, 2005
    Today I met Stevie Wonder and we ate a delicious dinner. He crooned softly throughout the meal. It was lovely. We exchanged numbers and then went our separate ways with definite plans to get together again. Maybe at my house for some potato leek soup.”

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