Dumb things I have done so far today #3

Today I planned to spend some time in the gym. I organised the day carefully so I had a good 60 minutes free to do this. I met up with a friend and, after remembering he left his stuff in his locker and I needed a new card, got as far as the changing rooms. I was halfway through changing when I noticed I did not in fact bring any shorts. I realised this rendered me essentially unable to employ the facilities of the gym and so I left for the shops in the hope of procuring some shorts.

Determined not to buy cheap low-quality shorts, I visited a number of stores but to no avail. Eventually as time was running out before my next lesson I purchased some expensive shit shorts from like next or some shit. Anyway during tide I returned to the gym and this time was able to exercise sufficiently.

However the story does not end there! I removed the bag of gym clothes from my locker at the end of the college day and made my way to the train station. Upon boarding the train I sat at a table (with some girls it turns out) and proceeded to stow the bag under said table. Twenty minutes later I alighted the train sans clothes. I was very annoyed!! Luckily I know how to use a phone and read so I called the arriva lost property line and they gave me the phone number of Chester station, a guy at chester is going to put my bag on the train tomorrow which i will be on.

About Sam Thursfield

Who's that kid in the back of the room? He's setting all his papers on fire! Where did he get that crazy smile? We all think he's really weird.
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