Dumb things I have done so far today #3

1) While on the street with my girlfriend Alice, we were having a loud conversation and I at one point said quite loudly somehing along the lines of, “Yeah, they should just think: MENTALLY RETARDED.” At this point Alice pointed out a lady not too far in front of us. She was with a girl who clearly had downs syndrome. The girl was crying as we walked past.

2) I have to do two works of composition as coursework for my A-level in music. The teacher wishes to check the progress of my compositions early tomorrow morning. I do not expect my progress to be satisfactory. Additionally, instead of working on said compositions I am currently typing on INTERNET.

About Sam Thursfield

Who's that kid in the back of the room? He's setting all his papers on fire! Where did he get that crazy smile? We all think he's really weird.
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