Dumb things I have done so far today #2

1) I attend a sixth form college during the week and every day I bring a packed lunch to eat at lunch time. Today I left my packed lunch in the fridge at home. I ended up buying a pastie and one of the school-flavoured bread pizzas from Greggs.

2) I was due to return a form to Swansea almost a week ago regarding their request for an interview. The form and envelope have been repeatedly forgotten and also sat on. They do not now give a good first impression.

Additionally, in my music class today I was required to do a performance. The piece I had chosen was the second movement of Joseph Horovitz’s Euphonium Concerto. I do not have a copyf of the piano accompaniment parts to this piece and the first time I saw the accompaniments was today. I did not play in strict time with the pianist.

About Sam Thursfield

Who's that kid in the back of the room? He's setting all his papers on fire! Where did he get that crazy smile? We all think he's really weird.
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2 Responses to Dumb things I have done so far today #2

  1. tris2k says:

    you have the uncanny ability to sound like a world expert on whatever it is you are refferring too. V.concise. Hope the swansea thing goes alright. well, im off to college. seeya

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